Interpret the value of the token SPC

发表时间:2020-05-13 10:02

Super player project issued tokens Eidos SPC, infinite value, Eidos SPC is Super link player ecological important chips, also as a Super player investment fuel, ETH 0.1 per input 1 ETH need consumption value of SPC (need more investment of one over ten of the etheric fang buy SPC), the consumption of SPC through intelligent automatic destruction of contract, to final destruction - 21 million, and the currency commensuration, SPC now need to obtain resonance, SPC's resonant ethereum 100% automatically flows into the static dividend pool for blood transfusion through the decentralized intelligent contract. With the wide recognition of Super player, the value of SPC will continue to increase and the resonance ratio will continue to decrease, which will surely promote the boom of resonance transaction. The resonant ethereum will continuously flow into the static dividend pool for life.

SPC will be continuously self-destructed through Super player ecology, and the final destruction will be stopped at 21 million hours. The burning SPC will return to the resonance pool, and the ethereum of resonance pool will flow into the static bonus pool, an infinite virtuous circle. This ecology is called Super player value perpetual machine.

First, let's briefly talk about the value of Eidos SPC through Super player. SPC is the essence of this project. How does SPC create value as a ticket? We all know that the total number of tickets is 400 million, which is one erc20 token. It's not that surprising. A lot of people ask me, what are the plans for your tickets in the future? When I say no planning, in fact, no planning is the biggest planning of a project, a currency. If a strong consensus is formed, the application scenarios it will create in the future will be of infinite value and belong to all of us in the Super player community. SPC is resonated with ethereum, 400 million are all on the contract address, no one has a zero cost ticket, the current value of ethereum does not mean its price.

Point 2, does ticket SPC have a rigid demand? We know a lot of shanzhai COINS, planning what to do in the future, what application scenarios will there be in the future? You can buy a car and a house in the future. What can you do in the future? I asked you what can you do now? Not now, there is no consensus, there is no value in not being widely accepted. Who knows what will happen in the future? However, we now have a demand for Super player. If you want to participate in the financial project of Super player, you have to buy tickets SPC. It is as simple as that.

The third point is called liquidity deflation. Once SPC is resonated and used, it must be destroyed. Is the value of SPC increasing? As the Super player project continues to be recognized and played by people, it is becoming more and more popular. Is it possible that more and more tickets SPC have been resonant and destroyed? Then the total amount will be less and less, and the total amount will not be destroyed until 21 million. As time goes by, the number of members of our Super player is increasing, the value of SPC is getting higher and the consensus is getting stronger. Will there be more exchanges to rush to launch SPC at this time? What exchange doesn't want traffic? As SPC becomes more and more liquid, it will also bring more fans to participate in our Super player project. This is a twin-turbine mechanism, which is a powerful value shaping.

Point 4 is SPC the focus of attention for each of us? No, our focus is on the business logic of the entire Super player project, the way to make money! This is a very good business wisdom to build the value of SPC. Could you please tell me which block chain project on the market has such brilliant business logic?

Conclusion: Super player project is this foster, ostensibly to attract players to participate in the smart financial contract, but is to be high Eidos SPC's market value, the more the more people agreed to participate in the future, the SPC currency value is infinite, Eidos SPC is Super player's card, tickets, infinite value, the more with less, with more and more valuable. SPC is a destroy game token based on block chain technology, which is destroyed to the value of 21 million, and is also a digital currency investment derivative. SPC, like other digital currency, trading and use the property the same as general digital currency, SPC all the raise money, not all enter the member bonus pools, SPC used as whole ecological game tickets only when used in Imtoken purse, Trustwallet purse, all decentralized wallet immediately destroyed automatically, not disappear on the page or APP, use the more the number of tickets for the destruction mechanism, the SPC is scarce, the higher the value!