The difference between DAPP and APP

发表时间:2020-05-13 10:08

[APP features] (with server, center, tamper at will, and artificial control)

First, the underlying operating system of the app, "android system, apple system, Wed", is operated by a background server.

Second, the text and pictures in the app can be changed at will through the server background and can be controlled manually.

Third, login requires account number, mobile phone number, QQ number, receive invitation code to register and log in.

[features and advantages of DAPP]

Intelligent contract technology (automatic execution of contract terms, encryption of distributed bookkeeping, fully intelligent execution, no center, no tampering)

First, no need to download APP, use the special browser on the DAPP chain to log in directly.

Second, no account registration is required, the address of the cold wallet is automatically identified and bound, and no verification code is required for the whole operation.