Decentralized building more secure smart contracts

发表时间:2020-05-13 11:06

People in the currency circle generally know that the main reason why traditional projects are unsafe and risky is that they have a center and a project party, which is artificially controllable, so the bubble is big and the risk is high. And monopoly, on the other hand, it has no project, there is no change rules, run the risk, it was the first completely decentralized, in block chain chain intelligence game of share out bonus of indiana, distribution, model contracts, write the etheric fang on intelligence, and encapsulated with big lane and chain for each player, the player feast is fair, just and open, transparent, all data in the etheric fang intelligent running on contract, players feast decentralized and centralized project was the biggest difference, also is the charm of players feast. Monopoly smart contract bonus raider at github100% open source originator.