Decentralized building more secure smart contracts

发表时间:2020-05-13 17:26

People in the currency circle generally know that the main reason why traditional projects are unsafe and risky is that they have a center and a project party, which is artificially controllable, so the bubble is big and the risk is high. And Super player is different, it doesn't have a project, there is no change rules, run the risk, it was the first completely decentralized, in block chain chain intelligence game of share out bonus of indiana, distribution, model contracts, write the etheric fang on intelligence, and encapsulated with big lane and chain for each player, Super player is fair, just and open, transparent, all data in the etheric fang intelligent running on the contract, this is a Super player decentralized centralized project as it has always been the biggest difference, That's the magic of Super player. Super player smart contract bonus raider on github100% open source ancestor.

Super player: more determined decentralization leads to more secure smart contract finance

Anyone with some expertise knows that a smart contract is a piece of code deployed on the blockchain that automatically executes once an event triggers a provision in the contract. For example, suppose party a borrows a large sum of money from party b. Although it has a black and white ious, party a refuses to repay the loan for various reasons when it is due. At this point, party b can only Sue to get the loan back. The smart contract can solve this problem. If both parties package the loan amount, repayment time and the other party's binding bank card information into the contract before borrowing, the loan will be automatically transferred to the account of party b on the agreed repayment date, even if party a doesn't want to pay back.

As a blockchain-based game project, Super player takes advantage of the advantage of smart contract. In more professional and advanced terms in the industry, Super player is essentially a kind of smart contract finance in a broad sense.

Super player: more determined decentralization leads to more secure smart contract finance

As we all know, if we are human beings, we will have private desires, and if we have private desires, we will have evil. Super player is to let the "evil" of human beings be pressed under the mountain of five elements for ever and ever, so as to more resolutely decentralize and build a more secure intelligent contract finance. More importantly, Super player is the ETH input, ETH out, and the previous projects are ethereum and other mainstream currency in, and then their own issued token out, so there is no so-called routine problems in Super player, there is no risk of cutting leeks, not to mention how to achieve the technology of Super player without human control? To analyze the safety technology level, first of all, the Super player's core technology is decentralized to the private key management system, through the combination of elliptic curve digital signature, zero knowledge proof, and trusted cryptography tools such as multi-party computation, implementation across the private key chain of custody assets in all validation node of the distributed generation and the signature, on the basis of the realization of lightweight noninvasive across the chain of custody, so the Super player into current assets without touching the user, the user service and clearing and custody dealmaking, no artificial operation, no project, people cannot be controlled, This solves the underlying value and trust issues of the foundation.

Super player: more determined decentralization leads to more secure smart contract finance

In addition, Super player has obvious advantages in terms of technology. First, Super player manages the private key through the cooperation and consensus of the verification nodes, and no party can arbitrarily use the custody assets, so as to achieve safe and reliable custody. Second, Super player adopts the innovative BHPOS consensus mechanism, and makes comprehensive use of BFT and DPoS mechanisms to become an efficient and open public blockchain platform. At the same time, it realizes the scalable transaction settlement by horizontal sharding. Third, Super player has been working with ethereum for a long time since the beginning of planning. It can be operated in any decentralized ethereum wallet. Even if the wallet account and password are lost, it can be retrieved in any decentralized wallet through private key or mnemonic.

Not only that, Super player has eliminated the pain points of some previous projects that the smart contract is not smart enough, and the smart contract lacks security guarantee mechanism and security tools with its Super technical team. Super player thinks, to really solve the problem of safety in intelligent contract, it must design a set of complete comprehensive protective system, and constantly improve, specific include: the prior protection (coding vulnerabilities detection) released in the process of standardization and code, make validation (in intelligent virtual machine to complete the contract code execution and dynamic security detection), dishing out (audit, with the result of intelligent contract execution to ensure execution will not appear deviation). So, as industry veterans say, Super player has been recognized as a more determined, decentralized, and secure smart contract financial game.

Finally, Super player would like to emphasize and remind all players that Super player has a unique grand prize pool, in which 10.5% of all players enter the grand prize pool. This prize is specially weighted to the last 500 big single players. According to the current amount of prize pool, those who participate in it will become the biggest winners. In addition, a random draw of 4.5% will be set up every day to reward 31 players who enter on the same day. That reflects the fun of the game, but also increase the active degree of fans! With Super player, the only thing a person needs to do is to participate and withdraw money. The rest of the work is done automatically by the smart contract.