[Super Player - Participate in the investment process]

发表时间:2020-06-09 12:07

After entering through the link, click on the three bars [≡ : select the language [Singapore] and the page will convert to Chinese.

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Scroll down the page

First, buy tickets for a 10% investment and then invest in Ethereum.

Participate in 1 ether investment, buy 0.1 tickets

Participate in 5 ether investment, ticket to buy 0.5

And so on...


Return to the wallet home page, SPC will be displayed on the wallet home page after the ticket purchase is successful.

Then click [Participate], enter the number of ETH to buy and invest in Ethereum, and click [Send ETH].

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The intelligent contract will automatically settle the ETH revenue of Ethereum every 24 hours, and extract the ETH revenue of Ethereum to the account in seconds!


Once you buy ETH ethereum, the countdown will begin.

Manual clicks are required to settle Ethereum REVENUES every 24 hours.